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Our Solutions


Our Solutions

UC Defence is a novel and innovative voice firewall, our intellectual property was designed to automatically identify and stop criminals routing expensive telephone calls across TDM and SIP
trunk lines.


Real Time Detection & Blocking

In real time, Pbxwall:

  • Live monitors the active trunk lines that integrate to a PBX system
  • Unique DNA Tagging & Scanning techniques continually monitor the active trunk channels
  • Immediately detects fraudulent call activity
  • Automatically blocks the relevant trunk channels
  • Raises an alert for every blocked call and informs our live monitoring centre
  • Continually protects 24x7x365

Technology Benefits

Unlike existing preventative solutions, UC Defence insures that all fraudulent call activity is automatically detected and blocked. The major benefits of UC Defence include:

  • Carrier and PBX agnostic
  • Simple Deployment
  • Removes the onus from VAR and Enterprise to have PBX user passwords and remote maintenance ports protected
  • Automatically knows when a hacker is on the trunk lines
  • No requirement for PBX integration
  • Does not require a pre-configured “Deny” restriction table

Product Options

The UC Defence product suite includes two solutions, TDMwall™ and SIPwall.VM™. TDMwall™ was designed and developed for a pure TDM environment where multiple ISDN trunks integrate to a PBX system. The entry level TDMwall™ is configured to protect a single PRA Circuit and can be easily expanded to protect multiple PRA circuits.

SIPwall.VM can reside on-premise or on virtual servers, and scales to support multiple SIP sessions.