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What is PBX Hacking?

PBX hacking is a term used to describe a method used by criminals to illegally breach the security parameters of a UC/ PBX system.

Why do criminals hack PBX systems?

Criminals hack PBX systems for the purposes of accessing the trunk lines after which they begin generating as many calls as possible to expensive overseas telephone numbers off which the criminal collects 90% of this revenue.

How does a criminal hack a PBX systems?

Common methods include:

  • Accessing the call divert functions within the voice mail and changing the routing number
  • Log on to the remote maintenance port and re-configure the class of service tables
  • Registering as a SIP account
  • Working with internal staff members to manually divert an extension

Why do criminals make calls to expensive overseas number?

Criminals register international premium rate numbers, all calls made to these numbers generate a significant profit for the criminal.

How much is a call to an international premium rate number?

Individual call costs average €2.80 per minute.

Who pays for the calls made to premium rate numbers?

The owner of the trunk lines is billed for all calls.

Why should an innocent party have to pay for calls they never made?

The Carrier in question is legally entitled to collect their fees and the enterprise is legally responsible to pay the bill.

Who are the perpetrators and why shouldn’t they be prosecuted?

The perpetrators generally reside outside the country. Due to lack of global regulation, language barriers and general cooperation, investigations remain open ended.

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